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Payment Info

Payment Info
We offer a variety of different payment options.  We accept personal checks (subject to clearance), cashier's checks,  money orders, or credit cards and electronic checks through Paypal for full payments or deposits.  If you see a car you are interested in you can contact us via email, telephone or use one of our handy request or offer forms.  We realize that shipping and travel arrangements sometimes take time so deposits to hold your  vehicle are gladly accepted through any of the above methods.  We are pretty easy to work with.

A word about Paypal:
Paypal is the largest and most secure credit card payment service on the internet.    I am a Verified, Premier Business Account member of Paypal so they GUARANTEE every one of my transactions up to 5,000.00.  This is just their way of saying they have checked me out and I am okay in their books.  I have been with them for about three years now and have had hundreds of credit card transactions through them and have never had a problem.  They are okay in my books too.