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This is approx. a 1923 to 1925 Model T Roadster or Runabout. As you can see it is not in very good condition buy hey, it has great possibilities for restoration or as a parts car. The engine does  turn over. The hood is not shown but it does come with a hood. It is all original and mostly complete. It has an electric starter.
I don't know that much about Model T's but I have received some very interesting emails from some very knowledgable Ebayers. I what to Thank you for taking the time to email me. Here are parts of a few:
"Your Model T is A 1923 or 1924. The 1922 had A folding windshield, and A different type of Top. I have A 1923 touring car and it is identical to yours except for the back seat."
"Your roadster is a 23 to 25 style as best as can be seen from the pictures however the wood fire wall dates it the chassis to pre 23 the windshield stancions and body date 23 to 25 the turtle deck was basicly the same shape and hit the body line on all roadsters from 1913 to 1925 the body was not changed until 26 your turtle deck is the 23 to 25 style it is normal to have a mix match T due to their many uses through the years."
"You have A 1923 or 1924 roadster. The 1925 model had 21 inch wheels. I believe that your car has 30x3 wheels."
Thanks again for your info!
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1923? Model T Roadster or Runabout
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