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1911 Bausch & Lomb Balopticon Magic Lantern Projector,
Screen and 100 Magic Lantern Slides

This is a multimedia magic lantern projector made by the Bausch & Lomb Optical Company in 1911.  There is a tag on the side of the projector that says Patented on February 21, 1911.  This projector runs dual lens, dual lamps and two power cords so it is capable of performing many tasks.


It has got to be the "Cadillac" of all magic lantern projectors.


It can be used as a mono projector by plugging in just one of the lamps or as a stereo projector by plugging in both of the lamps.  With just one power cord plugged in you use like any other ordinary magic lantern projector, showing one slide at a time.  With both cords plugged in you can run two of the same slides, one in each slot for a stereo or 3D view.


If you run two different slides in the slots they will layer one over the other for some pretty interesting effects.  Or you can switch back and forth between the lens and slides.  The possibilities are only limited by the operator's imagination.  This projector is capable of putting on quite a show!

This comes with its own carrying wooden carrying case and it has the coolest projection screen!



The screen is cool!  It rolls out of it's wooden carrying case kind of like a window shade and attaches to "arms that fold up out of the case.  The wooden case becomes the base to hold the screen in place.  The whole thing "rolls" back into the box in a matter of seconds.  This is a professional set up for the magic slide projectionist on the go!
There are also 100 magic lantern slides that come with this.  They are in their own wooden box.  90 percent of them are perfect.  A few have minors cracks.

 There are water scenes, trees, mountains, a few religious slides and some wonderful old song slides.  Here are a few sample pictures.  I took these pictures from the projections the projector projected.



This is a wonderful old Magic Slide Projector set up!  Everything is in excellent working condition!

I am sure I have forgotten many details but this is too long the way it is.  Email me with any question.  Shipping on this will be determined by the winning bidder's zip code.  This set up is heavy so I imagine shipping will not be cheap.  Thanks for looking and bidding!

I accept credit cards through Billpoint and Paypal.  I also accept money orders and personal checks.  Payment is due within 10 days after auction closes unless other arrangements are made.